An explosion of color that totally expresses the wish of the maison to make the bjoux unique and valuable.

Atriumph of glass, crystals and rhinestones for necklaces, earrings and bracelets sui generis and at the same time highly sophisticated.


The resin is the material that crosses and that has characterised the history of the brand and that underlines a strong identity.


In the Reef collection the experimentation is back and it’s time to renew this material which is a symbol in a fresh and contemporary way.


The modern line, the winding form, the hulling of every piece gives to the bijoux of the collection, an irresistible charm and up to date

Simple but with an impact the creations are actual, elegant and of an extreme refinement. .


The metal flowers with rhinestones, light and volatile, are the protagonists of Muses.

A collection that wants to tell a story about an ethereal and refined world.

From the combination of these elements a romantic and poetic beauty is released


The charm of the Movies of the 40s, the elegance of the stars and the glamour of the jet-set are the inspiration for the bijoux of the Hollywood collection, totally covered of rhinestones that sparkles and they bewitches the look.

Realisations that makes you relive the magic and the glory of an epoch.




The skill, melody and choreography of Japanese theatrical traditions provided
the inspiration for this collection.

Earrings and necklaces, sinuous shapes, sophisticated colours, textures and details all pay tribute to the captivating splendour of the Orient.


Metallic tangles, twists and curves snake around the body of the dynamic woman who chooses irreverence, adorned by Sharra Pagano’s creations.

Spirals and vortexes rede ne a sense of innovation and highlight a strong connection to modernity.


Powerful, owing, soft lines capture one’s attention, just like
a sweet symphony.

In magnetic compositions of icy, prized elegance, pieces of such strong character evoke the eternal link between beauty and elegance.

What’s created is pure spectacle, a symphony for the eyes.


A collection that teleport the observer in another world, in another “cosmo” in which planets, meteors, stars and constellations take the shape of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Fragments of light and splinters of in nite space enhance feminine enchantment.