The Sharra Pagano history starts in 1969 in Milan, a city in full swing, where a new generation of young people is emerging, whose creative potential comes from fashion and design. Among the young people that migrate toward the big city there’s also the visionary Lino Raggio that, in Milan, decide to found the brand Sharra Pagano.

From the beginning, Raggio's creativity is joined by the scrupulous eye of Gianfranco Signori, architect and art teacher and immediatly after that jewelry expert.

The creative couple, estasblish themselves in the fashion world gaining a really big succes.




The Theater is one of Sharra Pagano’s souls. The brand has created prestigious and opulent parure, memorable and precious tiaras for the most famous women, Maria Callas and Renata Tebaldi, that have trodden the stages and made unique works like Tosca and Manon Lescaut







The DNA of Sharra Pagano interwine with the Italian  and international fashion world.


The maison immediatly conquer the more glamourous woman imaginary and attention to the fashion magazines, defining a new of seeing the luxury which is no more connected to the preciousness of the materials but to the hestetic effect that produces.


The brand can be included among the brands that have contributed to give birth and to spread the idea of made in italy, as synonymous of the correct mix of creativeness and hadcraft ability.







There’s a thin Fil rouge that connects Sharra Pagano to the world of the Italian prêt-à-porter.


A bond that sees the bijoux, chosen by artists like Walter Albini, Giorgio Armani,Enrico Coveri and Francesco Moschino, hit the Milan runways.


With some of these artists, they established collaborations that has lasted for decades.




Necklaces, earrings, bangles of different measures and different thicknesses, vivid colours and defined texture. The protagonist is the resin, innovative material used for the first time in bijoux and made refined.



Chains, crosses and bows, pearls and rhinestones, thick and eccentric bijoux, that adorn a woman out of the ordinary.

Eccentric choices that in these years, meant to express themselves, without fears and prejudices.





The exaggeration gives way to the essential of the lines, in the choice of the metal embellished by crystals, in approaching materials which are more classic to those more new.





A precious sensibility is perceived thanks to the amethysts, topazes, tomaline, quartez and crystals.


The Sharra Pagano bijoux are expression of pure immagination, coming from a creativeness without an end.